2017-08-04 / Letters

Aware of maneuvering behind-the-scenes

To the editor:

Your physical presence at the town meeting in August that will deal with the cell tower would be invaluable to your readers, to the voters of Kennebunk and to one of the first European families to settle in York County and Kennebunk, which is confused owing to the present conflicting information.

Each day we learn that reporting on hearsay is inevitably misleading.

Wayne White’s one-inch packet of documents, mentioned in your article, was, in reality, several pages he gave out to each of the dozen or more selectmen and members of the planning board.

A fair appraisal of all the facts is what is expected from the Post. Most people are unaware of the cozy connection between one of the abutters and the Rachel Carson group. My Little River beach land is the most proliferative area in Kennebunk for the almost extinct least terns and piping plovers. I am aware of behind-the-scenes maneuvering that, very strangely, relates to the tower.

Nat Merrill

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