2017-07-28 / Letters

The gift of more

To the editor:

Love carries a risk. The risk is loss.

And loss has a price. The price is pain.

Reluctantly, we pay this price. We as a community are paying it right now. But as we pay the price of pain, something beautiful is also happening … something magical, in fact.

Like the lotus flower emerging from the mud, light is emerging from darkness. Hope is rising up from despair. Priorities are being clarified. Purpose is being revealed. Hearts are becoming warmed. It’s a divine gift, a heavenly kind of counter-balance where meaning emerges from meaninglessness, where something beautiful is cultivated in the ‘mud’.

It’s the gift of more.

More love. More gratitude. More compassion. More present-mindedness. More connectedness.

Grief is the agonizing cost of love. But our grief is not without purpose. Grief takes from us, but it also gives back, leaving its own beautiful legacy. Individually and collectively, it enlightens us. It expands our capacities for love. It tightens communities. It raises collective consciousness. Grief inspires us to love more, thank more, unite more.

Without the gift of more, loss would simply be loss. And that would be far too cruel. Thanks to a divine kind of intervention, this simply isn’t the case.

And so, impossible as it seems, we walk through the pain. We then watch as the universe reorders itself. We watch as the lotus flower yet again emerges from the mud.

Kingsley Gallup
Lower Village Kennebunk

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