2017-07-14 / Letters

Good Samaritan returns forgotten wine

To the editor:

A wonderful thing happened in Kennebunk last weekend. My friends from England, and I stopped in at H.B. Provisions for an ice cream and then sat at an outdoor table to enjoy them in the hot afternoon. My friend had also purchased a bottle of wine.

We left in somewhat of a hurry, because a bird flew into my parked car through an open window, and my dog was leaping about on the back seat, barking in disbelief and the bird was frantically trying to find a way out.

In all the confusion, the wine was forgotten and left behind right there on the sidewalk.

At 8 o’clock when we sadly remembered it, with no real expectation, we called H.B. and with wonder, learned that a passerby had brought it in and that it was safely there to be picked up.

Thank you dear person, whoever you are, for such a kind action. And how great it is to live in Kennebunk, Maine.

Gillian Charbonneau

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