2017-06-09 / Letters

Candidate works to improve lives

To the editor:

I’ve known Rachel Phipps for a long time and I encourage Kennebunk residents to vote for her in the school board election on June 13.

Rachel has worked for many years, in both paid and volunteer positions, to improve people’s lives in Kennebunk and surrounding communities. She has worked with school committees and student groups in RSU 21 and other districts.

She has written successful grant proposals to help fund important programs, such as substance abuse prevention activities at Kennebunk High School. She has raised children here, including one who currently attends KHS, and she has lived in all three towns in the district. She knows our schools and our community inside and out.

All candidates will tell you they want a responsible budget. Rachel understands that spending money responsibly does not mean cutting programs at every opportunity. It means analyzing the needs of our community and making thoughtful investments in the community’s most important asset, its young citizens.

More importantly, Rachel Phipps is thinking about more than just the budget. She’s thinking about improvements that don’t cost anything, such as giving students and parents a greater role in decisions and exploring how to adjust schedules to better fit young brains.

With a master’s degree in social work, her long experience, and her deep knowledge of our schools, Rachel Phipps has the skillset we need to keep improving education.

On June 13, please vote for Rachel Phipps to represent Kennebunk on the RSU 21 board of directors.

Jason Wise

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