2017-06-09 / Letters

Candidate has knowledge of industry

To the editor:

I write to support the re-election of Wayne Berry to the Kennebunk Light and Power Board of Trustees. The mission of KLP is “ … to provide the most safe, reliable electrical system at the lowest cost.”

I have attended numerous board meetings and have observed Wayne working actively to insure the board adheres to its mission. Wayne often reminds the board that “we’re in the power business.”

The electrical power business is complex and the issues challenging. They will be even more so going forward. The district needs Wayne’s knowledge of the industry, his experience both on the board and in the community and his commitment to providing we ratepayers with safe, reliable electrical power at the lowest cost. This is not the time to elect a single issue, inexperienced person to the board.

Wayne Berry also brings to the table his years of experience on the board of selectmen. His service to the town of Kennebunk is exemplary and the experience he brings to the table extremely valuable. We ratepayers can be assured that Wayne will have our interests as his top priority.

I urge you to vote for Wayne Berry on June 13. The stakes are too high to elect an inexperienced, single issue candidate.

Bob Wuerthner

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