2017-06-09 / Letters

Alternative facts and distortion

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Shawn Teague has once again used alternative facts and distortions of the truth to attack the board of directors of the Kennebunk Light and Power District.

Comparing the efficiency of solar energy, which converts sunlight directly into electricity, to producing hydroelectric power from a dam is ludicrous. The only thing these types of energy have in common is that they both produce the same end result, electricity. Solar happens to do it with no moving parts.

The bottom line is that the KLPD board made the right decision to go with solar because it was in the best interest of the ratepayers who they are bound to serve and it puts us on a path of sustainable power for the future. Whether you are in favor of keeping the dams or not, the economics of continuing to produce power from them simply does not work.

Producing power at these dams costs significantly more than solar or just buying power from the grid.

The dams have been losing money for years and, with the new investments needed to keep them going for the next 40 years, the power would cost two to three times as much as solar.

The dam issue is complicated and Mr. Teague does not want to believe the two independent professional engineering studies along with KLPD’s own accounting data. He would rather make up his own facts. It’s a good thing we have members of the KLPD board with the intelligence, integrity and courage to dig into the real facts and make decisions accordingly.

Kevin Flynn

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