2017-05-26 / Letters

Town’s taxes are taking on toll on residents

To the editor:

Article 7 is for two additions, one on each end of the old town garage. Repair of garage, waste transfer and recycling facility. One of the additions is for washing the trucks inside.

I think the building is going to be steel. The sand and salt from washing the trucks will rust the interior of the building in a few years. Large trucking companies use hot water pressure washers outside all year. I feel this addition is not necessary or a good use of taxpayer money.

Anticipation of the bonds will be up to $2.68 million. The average payment for 15 years will be approximately $226,000 per year. I am going to vote no on Article 7.

There is information at the town hall on what we are going to be voting on. We should all know how our taxes are being spent. Maybe with a few more no votes we could reduce some of the spending. Taxes in Kennebunk are getting out of control especially for older citizens on a fixed income. Don’t forget to vote at Kennebunk town hall on June 13.

Joel Kimball

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