2017-03-24 / Letters

Consider fireworks ban next time around

To the editor:

Thank you for your article “Board proposes fireworks ordinance update.” At the hearing, I spoke in favor of the more restrictive fireworks ordinance and am pleased residents will have their say on the matter in June.

I would like to address what selectman Beal was quoted as saying regarding not ever hearing complaints from constituents. I want to offer my reasons for not contacting her.

On occasions when fireworks have been shot off outside the state of Maine Fireworks Law and Regulations provisions, I haven’t contacted selectmen or the town manager, I’ve called the Kennebunk police. As the hour is usually late, there is no provision to call a non-emergency number in town. Regrettably, the complaint calls go to the dispatcher in Sanford.

Right away, I profusely apologize that I am calling with a nonemergency, but as this is the only recourse, that’s what I have to do. My calls have been met with courtesy and on most occasions, an officer has gone searching for the offenders. They have, Ms. Beal, tried to enforce the state law as it stands.

I am hopeful that the more restrictive ordinance is approved by voters. Residents should not be disturbed in their own homes by someone’s selfish behavior, pets should not be terrified all night and wildlife should not be stressed and displaced.

If issuing permits is too much for the fire department, then we should consider an outright ban the next time around.

Susan Bloomfield
West Kennebunk

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