2017-03-10 / Letters

Do something about Electoral College

To the editor:

We can be pretty sure that at least some of the people who felt energized (and justifiably) by the big turnout for our local edition of the Women’s March are now busily organizing to save Planned Parenthood, save Obamacare, save the environment, save Roe vs. Wade or to advance other highly-charged political-cultural causes, all made more fraught by the election of Donald Trump.

I’m certainly glad of this, but I’d like to call attention to an issue that’s less visceral/ emotional: the Electoral College, whereby the recent winner of the popular vote (Hillary Clinton – by some 3 million votes) lost the election to the popular vote loser (Donald Trump – by the same 3 million). Something like this should never happen again.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to happen again – we can do something about this, and we should do something.

There is presently a bill pending in Maine’s Legislature: LD-156/HP-114. This bill should be enacted ASAP. The issue is admittedly less gut-wrenching than a woman’s right to control her own body, but it’s an important issue – and it’s winnable.

I ask readers to do a Google search on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. That’s a clumsy title, and I’m not going to try to explain it in a short letter (Wikipedia has an excellent explanation), but it’s an amazingly simple and effective way to make sure that America will never again be hobbled by a the-loser-is-the-winner election.

No presidential candidate should win an election from a rival who got 3 million more votes.

Maine voters have an important role to play in this. Please check it out and then lean on your state legislators.

Henry Kingsbury

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