2017-02-17 / Letters

Voters should stop marijuana madness with moratorium

To the editor:

The Kennebunk selectmen have voted unanimously in favor of a moratorium on pot shops and pot clubs in the town of Kennebunk. We support this moratorium for Kennebunk and look forward to Kennebunk joining dozens of other towns in Maine.

Please vote yes at the town hall now, with an absentee ballot or on Feb. 28 as we try to stop this commercial marijuana madness from invading our town. By voting yes, we will be taking the first step to hopefully banning these pot shops and pot clubs.

Personal use is up to the individual, but public use and distribution should not be allowed. Public use and distribution can only increase the risk of youth use and increase the work of our police department as the people leaving these pot clubs would be driving home through our streets.

Please vote. It is important that the vote represents the majority and not just the few. Vote yes, now.

Cindi and Lionel Menard

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