2017-02-17 / Letters

Power of the flowers over the is misguided priority

To the editor:

In response to the Jan. 10, meeting of the Kennebunk Board of Selectmen over the 2017 TIF funding, I was both angry and disappointed at the selectmen who are supposed to be running this town and their lack of insight in what the good people of Kennebunk expect in leadership.

The TIF is no more than a slush fund for the town manager and his minions for their own pet projects without asking voters what they want.

For example: the roundabout, the bump-outs (for the flowers), $187,000 for a piece of property to serve as a parking lot for the Downeaster stop (Did they ask us if we wanted the train to stop here?) and, finally, a $34,000 line item in the 2017 TIF for a trolley service for the train which has been rejected three times at the town meeting stated selectmen Beal, Cluff and chairman Morin. So that is why it is buried in the TIF, said Cluff.

Selectman Baldwin stated there is a symptom of illness in our community and that illness is that there is no strategic vision of Kennebunk. While selectman Morin said the board is essentially flying blind.

Perhaps they should have witnessed the Women’s March in January on Main Street and saw who and what makes up Kennebunk.

They complain that very few people show up for the town meetings and yet who can blame them when it does not matter what the townspeople want or where they think their votes and tax dollars should be spent because the board will do as they choose.

And when they do speak out via email or other media venues selectmen complain, as did both Christopher Cluff and Deborah Beal that she was irritated when she received 20 emails regarding the flowers.

Beal, who previously stated that she did not even know Kennebunk had a Facebook page, should also visit the Save The Kennebunks Facebook page produced and supported by concerned citizens regarding the future of our wonderful town.

If the town manager and board of selectmen think flowers is our brand – we are in serious trouble.

Kris Archer

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