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Three questions to consider about cost

To the editor:

So what does it cost? The Wright-Pierce cost analysis are estimated numbers over 6 remaining years of the current license plus 40 years for a new license.

There are two quite different alternatives, one for seeking a new license over a period of 46 years and an alternative to surrender the license to generate electricity over a period of just six years until the current license ends in 2022.

Three questions:

Q: How do you make an equal comparison of costs over 46 years to the costs of 6 years?

A: If you had a light bulb that lasted 46 years and a light bulb that only lasted six years, you would need seven bulbs to equal the light generated over 46 years. To the Wright–Pierce alternative to surrender the license over six years you need to add the cost of purchasing $5,873,760 worth of electricity not generated for 40 years to make an honest comparison. The loss over 46 years to surrender the license would cost KLPD ratepayers $(8,414,418).

Q: Why provide fish passage?

A: The ALDEN Research Laboratory and a 2009 Wells Reserve monitoring study “does not indicate that there are sufficient numbers of diadromous species moving in the Mousam River to warrant the installation of fish passage structures at the dams.” This avoids Wright-Pierce estimated cost between $2,631,000 and $4,812,000 for construction and maintenance of fish passage.

Q: Why did Wright-Pierce use 1,400,000 kWh/year for the revenue generated by the 3 dams?

A: The 13-year average from KLPD records equals 1,800,000 kWh /year generating $6,755,000 over 46 years. This results in a savings of $1,548,000 to ratepayers when we seek a new license to generate electricity.

The Wright-Pierce numbers should be questioned.

Albert Kolff

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