2016-12-23 / Letters

Praying for the country and president-elect

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Robert Powers’ letter to the editor: “No, there are no shared concerns.” In his letter Mr. Powers wrote, “Half the country is as ecstatic, grateful and as thankful as I am.”

While there are definitely millions of ecstatic Trump voters, half the country did not vote for Donald Trump.

For starters, only about 57.9 percent of eligible voters voted. Of these voters, approximately 48 percent voted for Clinton and 46.7 percent voted for Trump. Clinton won the popular vote by at least 2 million. Trump won the race via the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote.

Because Donald Trump is the president elect, I pray for him and our country every night. However I remain deeply concerned by his talk, tweets, decisions and actions.

Joanne Hulsey

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