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Community rallies to find lost dog

To the editor:

Community alive and well in Kennebunk.

While we Kennebunkers need no further evidence of the power of our beloved community, if we did, we would certainly find it in this week’s collective hunt for Charlie, the pooch who got loose Monday in the Dairy Queen area of Kennebunk.

From the moment Charlie went missing, Kennebunk’s troupes were mobilized. Loving forces were joined. And a shared mission to bring this sweet pooch home was initiated. Social media quickly became the vehicle for pleas, prayers and posts of Charlie’s whereabouts, often with minute-by-minute updates: “Just spotted at 96 Summer St.,” “Headed toward Brown Street,” “Last seen on Cat Mousam.”

The Kennebunk Police Department’s Facebook page became a clearinghouse for information and updates, while Kennebunk Moms, with its over 1,500 members, remained a touch point for concerned community members. True to form for this wonderful town, the plight of some had become the plight of all.

As Monday wound down and a cold night loomed ahead, the tenor of the updates shifted to that of deeper concern. Not surprisingly, the community took action.

Garages were opened for the night. Car doors were left purposefully ajar. Dog beds and food bowls wishfully awaited Charlie on many a doorstep. The vigil undoubtedly carried on through the night. It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon when the celebratory posts began appearing: “Charlie has been found,” “It’s a Christmas miracle,” “I prayed all night,” “Best news all day.”

Thanks to the instrumental added efforts of Maine Lost Dog Recovery volunteers and their children, and after a wild 24-hour adventure, Charlie had been found safe and sound among his new belted bovine buddies in Charlie and Kitty Bassett’s barn.

This phenomenal community had done it again. In one 24-hour period, it had actualized all of what makes it so special.

It was a painfully long 24 hours for those desperately concerned. It was but a mere 24 hours if we think about the enormity of what it revealed. Camaraderie. Kindness. Fellowship. Faith.

Is all of this simply the phenomenon of a small town? Most likely, yes. Is there something extra, extra special about Kennebunk? Undeniably, yes.

Welcome home, Charlie.

Kingsley Gallup
Lower Village Kennebunk

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