2016-12-23 / Letters

Better and stronger with kindness, compassion

To the editor:

I wanted to thank Joanne Hulsey for her letter to the editor in the Dec. 2 Kennebunk Post. It was a thoughtful letter and offered gracious consideration for those not in agreement. It did not insult anyone with a different perspective, it did not accuse anyone of being delusional and it did not purport to speak for anyone other than the author.

I share Hulsey’s concerns. I am further concerned by the bullying epidemic fueled by social media. I feel saddened to see sexist, racist and classist views being rewarded, even if unintentionally. I feel fearful of the past, present, and future impact of this pattern of behavior and I will not “get over it,” as has been not so tactfully suggested. Fundamental to being an American is the right to stand up for what I believe in and be mindful of how fortunate I am to have that right.

My concerns are no more authentic than anyone’s. Whatever yours may be, we are better and stronger when we show empathy for one another and I hope we can move forward with kindness and compassion.

Dawn Morse

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