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Toys for Tots drop-off planned for Dec. 12

To the editor:

This year with so much divisiveness can we all agree to be thankful for what we have and try to rise up for all children? Children through no fault of their own are born into poverty. To time without end, it is our children’s promise and love for children that saturates our souls.

Billy Lightbody a great guy who loved his family, his town, life and his request before he lost his battle with ALS was for people to donate to Toys for Tots.

He once told me it’s all about the kids, not just his, but every child. How grateful he was that those he loved were fine. This was 2008 when Kennebunk had so many young people die. There couldn’t be anything worse. If he were here his heart would have been broken, as so many of our hearts are for the Frost family who lost their 5-year old son in the recent turnpike accident.

Wyatt Frost, who was taken from this world way too soon, will forever leave an indelible place in all those who love him, his parents, family, friend and his baby sister Scarlett.

Wyatt loved elephants and what’s not to love? Elephants are smart and have family bonds in their herds. They are also endangered from poachers for their ivory tusks and other environment issues.

Honor Wyatt’s life and donate stuffed elephants, books on elephants such as “You’re Here for a Reason” to Toys for Tots and make this a tradition.

You can make a donation to verified nonprofits that will help elephants in Wyatt’s name.

Kennebunk Toy Company is a Toys for Tots drop-off site and also carries any elephants requests you may have. There will be a benefit 5 to 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12 at St. Martha’s Church, Route 1, Kennebunk.

I am asking people to teach their children to always try to help others. When you see a child without basic needs rise up. Children are our only true wealth.

Be thankful each day they may remain in your life. I only ever ask of God two things: Please let me live long enough to raise my sons and I did. Never ever to bury them. Reach out to those who have lost the most important person in their lives.

Tammy Nadeau

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