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High school Twirlers Club began in 2005

To the editor:

I wanted to give you a little history of the Kennebunk High School Twirlers Club. I recently saw the newspaper article about the Kennebunk Twirlers and I’d like to dispel some of the misinformation that was stated.

As one of three founders of this club, I feel that it is my duty to make sure the proper information gets out there. In the fall of 2005, two fellow students and myself had a meeting with former Principal Nelson Beaudoin to discuss our request for the start of a KHS club. The seniors that year, wanted to be sure they left behind a future at KHS for their fellow twirlers. We went through the proper channels, submitting the necessary paperwork to begin this club. The club did not involve a stipend that needed to be reviewed and granted each year. Mr. Beaudoin, as the principal at the time, approved/sponsored the group as a school club with Susan Plass identified as the advisor. He stated that we didn’t need to fill out a yearly request form and told us that it would be continually implemented as a KHS club for the years to come until the participants and advisor of the club decided to disband.

Originally, the club met on late start Wednesdays in Gym A. A few years ago, the day changed to Tuesdays when the mandatory club day began during advisory. The club has continued to meet at this time since then. I hope this helps clarify events about the KHS Twirlers Club.

Courtenay Kinney

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