2016-10-28 / Letters

Schools face more important issues

To the editor:

The board of directors of RSU 21 has formed a committee to discuss renaming Kennebunk High School, as well as selling naming rights to different sections of the school. The nine members of the committee have been chosen, but won’t be made public until the board meeting Monday night. So far I haven’t heard of a single person who is on it.

Questions regarding committee members: Are any alumni of KHS? Know the history of KHS? Lived here for any length of time? They have hit a nerve, it’s not like Kennebunk High School is an offensive name, after all. Kennebunk is “the only village in the world so named,” and the high school is located in Kennebunk.

Students from Kennebunkport have been going to KHS since 1948, from Arundel as long as I can remember. Lyman used to send their kids here.

I don’t remember any of the Port or Arundel kids I went to school with complaining that the school name wasn’t inclusive and welcoming to them. The school board in the early 80s tried – for a brief period it was High School of the Kennebunks, the students revolted and got it changed back to good old Kennebunk High School.

There are so many other issues facing schools these days, all this is doing is creating another divide in town, making people who grew up here feel like our town and history is being taken away from us piece by piece.

Mary L. Nedeau , KHS class of 1974

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