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District ‘needs a change’ in leadership

To the editor:

The people of Maine’s State Senate District 34 (Acton, Berwick, Lebanon, North Berwick, Wells and Kennebunk) are extremely lucky to be able to elect Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn to represent them in Augusta.

Jay and his wife Molly are two of the most admirable people I know. They have parented brilliantly and have worked diligently to support their town, church, and wider community. As for Jay personally, he will absolutely make an effective, admirable State Senator. Jay possesses ironclad integrity, enormous intelligence balanced with wisdom, and decades of experience in business and community service.

These are necessary virtues in any leader; However, today’s divisive political climate, both at the state and national level, begs for something more – people who model common decency, civility and respect for others, all of which are core principles to Jay. Jay’s quiet dignity, respect for others, humility, and wonderfully warm and genuine sense of humor make him a deeply grounded individual who is the kind of guy that quietly and competently fosters community rather than division.

He is just one of the nicest, wisest and most dedicated people you’re ever going to meet and I am asking everyone who can vote for Jay to do so. Send him to Augusta and let him take a crack at working for us, OK?

This district needs a change in senate leadership and Jay Kilbourn is the perfect guy to make those changes in the most positive and gracious way – the way the people in Maine used to always conduct their affairs.

Yes, I’m definitely writing about the personal Jay, the Jay whom I admire and respect, rather than sharing his impressive accomplishments, excellent goals, and great positions on key issues; all of which are on his website.

Please go to http://www.kilbournforsenate.org/ for more information.

Maureen Gill Ausbrook

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