2016-10-14 / Letters

Candidate has ‘energy, listens intently’

To the editor:

Jonathan Kilbourn has my enthusiastic vote for the 34th District Maine State Senate.

I’ve heard a lot about Kilbourn from friends and first met him when he was visiting our neighborhood several weeks ago.

My wife and I asked about his position on a wide range of topics including referendum issues, renewable energy, jobs, the economy and our aging population. He answered all our questions with straightforward, reasoned and informed language that anyone could understand. Take a look at his answers for yourself at www.kilbournforsenate.org.

I’m impressed with his positive attitude, dedication to community service in his business experience and personal life.

Kilbourn’s optimism and dedication to our state are obvious if you take the time to examine his webpage and even more so if you are fortunate to meet him in person.

Jay is a Clean Election candidate and his frustration with gridlock is evident.

He has an abundance of energy, listens intently and has the experience necessary to bring diverse views together to solve difficult problems.

I believe him when he says meaningful change will happen if he is elected.

Richard Beer

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