2016-10-07 / Letters

Community mobilizes in the name of love

To the editor:

Life sure has a way of breaking us wide open sometimes. Occasionally, it completely shatters us and we are left to pick up the pieces. What happens at this time matters greatly. What’s happening now in our community of the Kennebunks is a beautiful mobilizing of love.

With the recent passing of Dr. Wesley Mills, we have lost one of our own. More importantly, the beloved Mills family has lost a devoted husband, father and true hero. We as a community find ourselves stunned and shaken. We struggle to process a deeply painful truth. We try to make sense of the un-sensible. We question the very order of things. It’s now when community needs to shine. Ours is shining brightly indeed.

From prayer services, spontaneous gatherings and musical tributes to the continuous watchfulness, nurturing, and caregiving, many of us are witnessing firsthand the power of community to uphold and sustain, to wrap loving arms around a dear family of its own, to envelop this family in strength, comfort and support, and to be present to confront the painful reality of loss. I myself am awed and inspired by what I’m seeing.

What’s especially striking, even more than all the heartfelt outreach, is how this family is truly being held in our collective heart – deeply, sincerely and ceaselessly. The fabric of this community is tightly woven. We who are its members are blessed.

Community is a special thing, but a community such as ours is nothing short of magical. We provide strength when our neighbors are weak. We are sustained when it’s our turn for tragedy. Community is our faith while we scramble to find faith again. It’s our connection when we feel broken and disconnected. And it’s our bridge between the pain of loss and the hope of a new day – a day when we will again step forward and into the sunshine.

We in this community live together. We grow together. And we survive loss together. Our community is a force to be reckoned with. And at the end of the day, love wins.

God bless you, Wes Mills. And God bless this amazing community.

Kingsley Gallup
Lower Village Kennebunk

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