2016-10-07 / Letters

Candidate will make a difference in Augusta

To the editor:

I’m so glad Jay (Jonathan) Kilbourn is running for the District 34 Senate seat (Acton, Lebanon, North Berwick, Berwick, Wells and Kennebunk).

In talking with him, I’ve been impressed by his knowledge about and commitment to protecting natural resources, sustainable farming, and smart, affordable energy. He takes global warming seriously. He’s also all about living wage employment in both traditional (farming, fishing, forestry and tourism) and new (high tech) fields. I learned more at his website, kilbournforsenate.org.

I know Jay can be counted on to stand up against the governor’s strong attachment to petroleum energy sources and his moves to obstruct the development of renewable energy systems.

With the right leadership, Maine can join the rest of the world in developing clean and economical energy generation. Our state’s economy needs it and so does the planet.

Please join me in voting for the candidate who will make a difference for us in Augusta, Jonathan Kilbourn.

David Agan

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