2016-10-07 / Letters

Candidate listens to residents’ concerns

To the editor:

I first got to know Ron Collins some years ago when we of the CEEK Committee (Citizens for Electrical Equity in Kennebunk) started a campaign to get the Kennebunk Lower Village served by our own utility. Central Maine Power was not giving good service – outages were frequent and often of long duration.

Ron Collins offered to help us get a bill (LD 1221) passed that would enable the residents of the Lower Village to be served by our own utility.

Without his help we would never have succeeded. Ron is universally liked and respected in Augusta on both sides of the aisle, and he was able to facilitate meetings with everyone, including the governor.

Suffice it to say that he has established himself as an effective member of the Legislature – he has served four terms in the Maine House and one term in the Senate. In spite of vigorous opposition from CMP, our bill passed.

Since LD 1221 has been law we have not had any significant outages. CMP started doing the tree-trimming and pole replacement that had been long delayed. Evidence that this is continuing is all along Route 9 from the Lower Village to Route 1.

We can be assured that when Ron wins his second term in the Maine Senate our voice will be listened to and he will do all he can to see that our best interests are served. Ron Collins deserves to be re-elected.

Peter Hanson

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