2016-09-30 / Letters

Pond area boasts abundant wildlife

To the editor:

Tom Murphy is right. Mr. Murphy described the mill pond behind the Twine Mill Dam in West Kennebunk as one of the prettiest places in southern Maine.

“It takes your breath away, especially in the fall,” he said and he is absolutely right. My property includes 550 feet of frontage along the shore of that mill pond. It also includes a spectacular view of a large double-arch granite railroad trestle that was constructed around 1850 to serve West Kennebunk Village.

The pathway over the trestle is now part of the Eastern Trail, providing a gorgeous view of the river and surrounding woods. It is a wonderful environment that supports an abundant wildlife population that needs to be protected, not destroyed, which is what will happen if the dam is removed.

Mr. Murphy also said that we should have more public access to this area. Since there is already a paved road leading down to the Twine Mill Dam, perhaps a floating dock is all that is needed to open up this area of the river to the kayak and canoe enthusiasts as well as paddle boarders would love the opportunity to view up close this Kennebunk treasure. Likewise, the railroad trestle should be of particular interest to our local historians.

This is a very secluded and protected area on both sides of the trestle which provides a special haven for a variety of wildlife.

To remove the dam and thereby destroy this beautiful sanctuary would, in my opinion, be an act of environmental destruction.

William Harmon

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