2016-09-23 / Letters

Candidate finds ‘creative solutions’ for working together

To the editor:

We need thoughtful leaders in the Maine Senate. I have known Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn for several years as a fellow Kennebunker and understand his high ethical standards, concern for social issues and business acumen. I like his stands on policy matters but more important for me is his proven track record in getting people to reflect thoughtfully on a broad array of issues, and to find creative rather than sound bite solutions that can be supported by people across the political spectrum.

Like many of us, I worry deeply about the polarization and declining decency in our politics today. I worry deeply about the apparent absence of objective analysis of policy issues in our political rhetoric and decision-making.

These dangerous trends need to be addressed before we can return to the meaningful policy debates that have characterized Maine politics for so many years. I know Jay feels the same way and he has the personality and experience to wade into this tidal swamp and help us all come out smiling and working together.

For the past 16 years, I have been deeply involved as a professional in matters relating to aging, hunger and public health in Kennebunk and York County. Solutions are always multidimensional and data-based as well as political. In York County, we lack major institutions to solve these problems for us. When we have succeeded it is because diverse organizations and people collaborate in what we frequently refer to as the “Maine Way.” Indeed, that is the way our great country was built – neighbors talking to and helping neighbors.

I support Jay Kilbourn above all because he knows how to stimulate us to work together and to find creative and balanced solutions to public issues that impact on the quality of life of each and every one of us.

Edward S. Trainer

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