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Cupping at MassageCraft

What’s good for the Olympians is good for you. Originally known as “fire cupping” in China, a glass globe is heated and applied to the skin. The heat creates a vacuum and pulls the skin in to the cup. At MassageCraft we use cups with a valve and a pump to create the suction. The cup is either placed on a single point or the practitioner glides it over the surface of the skin for a more vigorous application. Tight areas become reddish purple and speckled, and then fade over a few days.

Cupping is excellent for working out stubborn, old injuries. It is used on the back and extremities to reduce pain and tightness. When used on the upper back it can alleviate the symptoms of a cold, asthma and sinus congestion.

All practitioners at MassageCraft are trained in cupping. It can be a part of your massage or acupuncture treatment. Put yourself in the hands of our skilled staff. Our practitioners have over 75 years of combined experience in eastern and western massage techniques, acupuncture, polarity, and yoga.

MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic, established in 1991, has convenient locations in Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach. We accept Workers Comp and some private insurance upon benefit verification.

Call 286-8416 or 934-0849 for an appointment. OPEN SUNDAYS. Please visit us at our web site: www.massagecraft.com

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