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Figure out how to manage Waterhouse Center

To the editor:

We are property owners and summer residents at Kennebunk Beach , my wife having first come here to her grandfather’s cottage in 1943.

I just got finished reading the exhaustive article about the Waterhouse Center’s expenses (“Pavilion spending questioned” in the Sept. 2 issue of Kennebunk Post). Any casual reader of the article must have come away wondering how the Center ever came to be.

Mr Baldwin asked the really interesting question of his fellow selectmen...I e. “What’s your desired outcome?” I think it’s time for some quiet time to answer that question.

Any observer of the new downtown Kennebunk would tell you that with your new traffic calming, flower displays, and the Waterhouse Center you have managed to turn a sleepy town into a beautiful vibrant place.

The Waterhouse is much more than a skating rink. It’s become a year around community center worth keeping. Our western New York equally historic town would be envious of what you’ve accomplished.

So now what? You own the Center so you need to collectively figuring out how to manage it.

The Waterhouse Foundation’s $1,500,000, if it is to be preserved, at best will only provide you with 4 to 5 percent per year (60 to 75k) and then only if invested for other than interest.

So please, sit down and figure out what it costs to operate, what income, including foundation money, can be generated, and budget for the rest.

Please don’t even think about tearing it down if you want to remain the progressive community you’ve become.

Peter Webster

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