2016-09-02 / Letters

Issue touches hearts, pocketbooks of many

To the editor:

Although we in Kennebunk are currently experiencing a summer drought, emotions and opinions on the dams are running high.

I want to voice my opinions after reading Doug Coleman’s letter in the Post, “Free the Mousam? Not so Fast” (Aug. 19). Thank you, Doug, for reminding all of us that the answers regarding the dams lie in the numerous studies that will be required by FERC.

However, some letters to the editor voicing opinions and emotion do not add to understanding of the issues regarding the dams.

I appreciate Doug’s statements: “There are two sides of every coin and there are always options and alternatives for achieving mutually acceptable goals. However, that does require a high level of integrity and responsibility. … Furthermore, there has to be an unbiased description of what the impacts of removing any one or all of the dams will have on the ecosystems in the area.”

May I borrow from Doug’s ideas and suggest that: Furthermore, there also has to be an unbiased description of the impacts of keeping any or all of the dams on the ecosystems in the area, and also including in this description, the financial and wider environmental consequences of keeping any one or all of the dams.

In the future, let us all try to minimize emotionally charged comments that are vengeful and degrading, and raise this discussion on the dams to a higher level of civility and facts … even while remembering that this issue touches the hearts, pocketbooks and future of so many.

Bill Pasquill

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