2016-08-19 / Letters

Let the great fluoride debate begin – again

To the editor:

The debate over water fluoridation has surfaced again in Maine.

The CDC, the WHO, and many other researchers recommend the addition of fluoride to our drinking water in order to prevent tooth decay in children. Many children living in poverty cannot afford expensive dental care and, I believe, may suffer from the lack of fluoride in their tap water.

Still, this debate is very contentious. In an article in Wikipedia, the authors pointed out that the issue breaks down to a question of individual rights versus the rights of groups, or those who don’t believe in government interference, real or perceived, in their lives, and those who accept a degree of government regulation and oversight for the general welfare of the population.

There are plenty of references to research on both sides of the debate over fluoride in our drinking water. We, as citizens, need to study the facts about the issue and try to arrive at an informed, scientific conclusion. Otherwise, we will be doing a great disservice to significant groups in our population.

Bevan Davies

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