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Town sells boat trailer to youth program

Kennebunk selectmen have sold a boat trailer of unknown make and vintage, previously used by the rescue department, to the Turnbuckle Youth Program of Old Orchard Beach, for $150.

Turnbuckle is a nonprofit that teaches sailing skills to students aged 14 to 18 during one- and two-week education tours along the Maine coast.

One other bid was received, from Kennebunk residents John Costin and Rachel Phipps, also for $150, but the couple asked selectmen to pass over their offer in favor of Turnbuckle, which the board did at its Aug. 9 meeting.

Selectmen OK purchase of new police cruiser

Kennebunk Selectmen agreed unanimously Aug. 9 to buy a 2017 Ford Explorer All-Wheel Drive vehicle, with police package, from Arundel Ford, for $28,108.

Selectmen had set aside $36,000 for the new cruiser in the current town budget. Arundel Ford was the only bidder. According to Town Manager Barry Tibbetts, the police package includes a larger radiator, heavier springs and brakes and an extra battery compartment to accommodate a larger-than-usual load of electronic equipment seat.

Vehicle for detectives purchased, too

Kennebunk Selectmen agreed at their Aug. 9 meeting to buy a 2013 Ford Edge SEL, with 18,536 miles on the odometer, for $23,995.

The sport utility vehicle will be used by detectives, and, although it does not contain a heavy suspension “police package,” Police Chief Robert MacKenzie predicted it will last six years — longer than the standard cruiser — because the vehicle will be subjected to far less wear and tear than vehicles driven by patrol officers.

Although the town asked for offers on 2014, 2015, and 2016 model year SUVs, garnering bids from five area dealers on nine different vehicles, selectmen chose to accept 2013 models thrown into that mix.

Prices ranged from $37,283 for a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse with 6,731 miles, submitted by Quirk Chevrolet of Portland, to the low bid ultimately accepted, from Starkey Ford of York.

Selectmen had $27,000 to work with in the current budget for the detectives’ vehicle.

Selectmen Dan Boothby and Deborah Beal voted against the purchase. Boothby did not give a reason for his, “No,” vote, but Beal said she was “disappointed” offers were accepted for SUVs that did not meet bid specifications. “I for one am not interested in paying that much money from something that’s that old,” she said. Beal suggested that, as the police department transitions out of regular passenger vehicles for detective use, it would do better to buy new SUVs for patrol use and hand-down those to the detective corps.

Town buys Road Hog asphalt grinder

Kennebunk Selectmen voted Aug. 9 to buy a 24-inch Road Hog asphalt grinder from MB Tractor & Equipment of Eliot for $15,575.

The town received eight bids ranging as high as $21,799, not counting one bid for $62,990 submitted by a vendor in Utah. Milton Cat of Scarborough did submit a slightly lower bid than the one accepted, but that $15,450 offer did not count the cost of $18.16, each, for 60 grinding teeth needed for the unit.

Selectmen had budgeted $30,000 for the grinder. Selectmen also declined to go in for an extended warranty on the unit, offered at $3,5000.

“Our mechanics looked at it and did not feel the extended warranty was worth the price on a new unit,” Town Manager Barry Tibbetts said.

 Kennebunk has also purchased a Road Widener FH model road shouldering machine from Ambrose Equipment Co. of Plainville, Massachusetts — the only company to submit a bid — for $34,000. Selectmen had budgeted $35,000 for the machine.

 Kennebunk selectmen voted Aug. 9 to buy a new Viking Cleaves SS body Western Star 4700 truck single-axel dump truck from Freightliner of Maine, located in Westbrook, for $166,674.

“This will replace a 1999 truck,” Tibbetts said. “We’ve gotten good life out of our equipment. But it’s time to replace it.”

Selectmen had budgeted $170,000 for the purchase and declined an extended warranty, offered at $4,458. Three vendors submitted bids on eight different trucks, ranging as high as $170,089.

Freightliner did offer two vehicles for less than the one that was purchased — an Everest SDS body Freightliner 108SD for $164,809, and a Viking Cleaves PL1011 SS body Freightliner 108SD for $162,170.

Selectmen did not ask Public Services Director Eric Labelle why he recommended passing on the two less expensive trucks.

 Kennebunk selectmen voted Aug. 9 to buy a new General Motors Savannah 14-passenger van from W.C. Cressey & Son of Kennebunk for $54,176, passing on an extended warranty offered at $2,000. Cressey was the only bidder and had offered a second van at $52,000, but that vehicle was rejected for not meeting bid specifications.

Selectmen had included $48,000 for the van in this year’s annual budget, approved by voters in June. Tibbetts said the difference between the budget and the actual purchase price would be covered by savings realized on other highway equipment bids awarded Aug. 9, as well as from about $3,400 remaining in a bus and truck reserve from prior purchases.

 Kennebunk selectmen agreed Aug. 9 to table the awarding of a bid for a new travel bus until their Sept. 13 meeting.

Having budgeted $88,000 for the bus, two dealers submitted offers on three different vehicles, ranging from $95,287 to $107,717, the lowest of which did not meet bid specifications.

“We would really prefer to wait on this,” Tibbetts said, noting that questions had arisen over the number of seats in each bus and the cost of air conditioning, as well as the types of seat belts required under a new law.

Kennebunk, Arundel approve new mutual aid agreement

Selectmen in Kennebunk and Arundel have both signed on to a new mutual aid agreement for municipal public works crews in York County.

The contract details the process by which towns may share highway equipment for repair work during emergency situations, setting the rate to be paid at the Federal Emergency Management Agency equipment schedule. “This seems like a no-brainer,” Kennebunk Selectman Ed Karytko said, while Arundel Town Manager Keith Trefethen told his board the agreement merely formalizes long-standing practices of the various towns.

Complied by Staff Writer Wm. Duke Harrington. He can be reached at news@kennebunkpost.com.

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