2016-07-29 / Community


It’s difficult enough running a business, let alone growing the value of the business or deciding how to find a successor to run your business once you decide to retire. What about deciding how to merge with or acquire a competitor? These questions are best answered by an expert in strategic growth, transition & succession planning, and mergers & acquisitions. ROI Cubed, LLC is a consulting firm with clients in a number of different industries across the Northeast that helps guide business owners through the intricacies of taking the business to the “next level”. With their expertise, ROI Cubed can also guide business owners through the complicated mystique of the M&A world, whether to prepare for a sale of the business, a purchase of a business or the recapitalization of a business. To learn more about how ROI Cubed can help you and your company, visit www.roi-cubed.com or call 207-985-8787.

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