2016-07-22 / Letters

Be a hero; Red Cross in need of blood platelets

To the editor:

Most people know our local Red Cross as a vehicle for collecting whole blood and plasma donations. But this life-saving organization has another critical need that very few are aware of: blood platelets. These important platelets go directly to people with weakened immune systems, and those undergoing chemotherapy or battling leukemia.

One blood platelet donation from you can yield up to three therapeutic doses. Normally it takes four to six whole blood donations to produce a single therapeutic dose of platelets. That means that with just one platelet donation, you can help save the lives of up to three people.

If you would like to be a hero, you should know the pros and cons;

CON: A donation takes 21/2 to 3 hours; PRO: You get to watch a DVD movie in a comfy reclining chair with a heating pad on your back and an appreciative staff catering to your needs.

CON: You could donate every two weeks. PRO: You can donate every two weeks ... and be thanked profusely every time you donate. You also get to meet an amazing staff and get to be honored at an annual free banquet.

CON: You have a needle stuck into your arm. PRO: It’s nothing like what the recipient of your love is going through.

Because blood platelets are only good for five days, the Red Cross needs a constant supply.

If you would like to be a hero for either one day or on an ongoing basis helping people in need, please call the Red Cross in Portland today at 775-2114.

They really do need you.

Jack Savona

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