2016-07-15 / Letters

Mousam River is favorite canoeing spot

To the editor: When my husband and I moved to Kennebunk seven years ago one of the first things we bought was an old canoe. We have taken it on many jaunts on rivers, lakes and even estuaries, but our favorite by far is a trip up the Mousam River in Kennebunk.

We put the canoe in just behind the Lafayette Center and off we go into a beautiful stretch of river with occasional house and trees dipping into the water. Last Sunday we saw an otter, turtles, fish, birds and huge stretches of water lilies.

It got me to thinking: this is their home and we have no right to take it away from them as they would probably all die if the dams were removed.

We usually have the river to ourselves, but this time we saw eleven other people enjoying this oasis; kayaks and even a young lady on a paddle board.

Do the powers that be realize what a great recreational asset the Mousam River is and it’s right here in the middle of town. If the water is drained we will be left with a muddy, smelly, weed-riddled dead river with fallen rotting trees all the way up, and it is this that you will see from the bridge, not the bucolic scene we have now.

We must keep the river as it is for everyone to enjoy and the animals that live there to still have a home.

Maureen Wren

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