2016-06-10 / Letters

State rep candidate

To the editor:

When Laurie Dobson says that she is a friend to small businesses in our area. I can back her up on that. I am the owner of Five Acre Farm in Kennebunkport and have a long history with farmers markets and agriculture/farming. Laurie came to me to help after she saw me at a town meeting, having a challenging time informing the Growth Planning Board of the importance of supporting farmers and fishermen.

At the time,11 years ago,the Growth Planning Board was suggesting to take agriculture out of several zones in Kennebunkport, including my zone. Laurie was instrumental in getting the word out that we should help farmers continue their means of living and continue to allow agriculture in Kennebunkport. Laurie worked hard to help vote out the proposed town plan. She took her role seriously and took things one step further and volunteered on the Growth Planning Committee.

With Laurie’s help we ended up putting more language in the bylaws, to help bring value added products to farm stands. These things really matter to her. We were able to change the language to allow me to bring more value to my produce and it has helped me prosper and provide a quaint farm stand for all to enjoy.

Laurie Dobson worked hard for me and she would do the same for you if she were voted in as a state representative.

Melinda Anderson
Five Acre Farm

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