2016-06-10 / Letters

State rep candidate

To the editor:

Vote for Diane Denk. Why?

I believe that Diane is uniquely qualified to serve as our representative. Her history of public service is long and comprehensive. She has worked for the York County Shelters, hospice, the Maine Board of Dental Examiners, the Kennebunk and Kennebunkport Democratic committees and held many, many other positions, already listed in previous letters to the editor. The common denominator here is that Diane has consistently worked to help people and she has been a tireless advocate for those in need. Her job as a special education teacher at KHS is a perfect example: This is a job that has no glory, little public recognition, but is critical to the many students who have no voice, and need so much support.

Finally, what makes Diane stand out from the crowd is her character.

She is dedicated, hardworking, flexible and reasonable. Diane knows how to get along with others and more importantly, in these partisan times, she knows how to listen and be pragmatic in order to achieve goals.

Send Diane Denk to Augusta – she will serve us well.

Miriam Whitehouse

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