2016-06-10 / Letters

State rep candidate

To the editor:

I feel I must write to encourage District 9 Democrats to get out to vote for Diane Denk on June 14. I have known and worked with Diane for several years to promote Democratic values. No one is more dedicated to and passionate about the Democratic process than Diane. She literally walks the walk. Diane gets out there and works for what she believes in. She has campaigned for Democrats up and down the ballot. She understands that good policy comes from listening to others and formulating positive ideas that will affect the people of Maine and her community. She has volunteered her time to lobby members of our legislature to pass laws that will make the lives of Mainers more productive, safer and healthier.

Diane works well with others; she has developed positive relationships with those who effect legislation, sharing ideas and tasks to get things done. She has an extensive back ground in community and political services. She is able to work with people of all political persuasions.

Diane volunteers her time to campaign for the issues that matter to us; She dedicates her time and energy to food banks, collects turkeys at her home for distribution during the holidays. She is serious about meaningful gun control that will keep our children and families safe without impinging on Second Amendment rights. Diane takes up the mantle wherever she can to provide for those that need that help.

Diane’s recent election to represent Maine as a delegate to the National Convention and DNC Committeewoman shows clearly how well respected. She is. Diane Denk’s progressive ideas and her willingness to listen to and work hard with others with different views, along with her boundless energy will serve our state well.

Ellen Harris-Howard

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