2016-06-10 / Letters

State rep candidate

To the editor:

I recently spoke with Laurie Dobson, currently running for state representative of District 9, of my concern of the housing developments going in from North Street through to Route 9 in Kennebunkport, as well as other nearby areas. I am saddened by the destruction of this land which cannot be replaced, as well as the timing of the clear cutting for road access and house sites. This is the time when birds are nesting and animals are having their young. The peepers that we all enjoy as a true first sign of spring have had their vernal pools destroyed. The owls we listen to every night are now silent. The birds and animals that survive this destruction of their vanishing habitat are resilient and will probably adapt or move on and hopefully not completely disappear. There really isn’t very much habitat left for wildlife in this area at all. I would hope that our planning board and zoning board would pay more attention to this, and that people moving to this area because they love its beautiful landscape would try to preserve it.

Laurie worked with the DEP in 2005, bringing information on how to care for wetlands and protect woodlands to the attention of the town, and to try to stop the 86-acre development. Twenty years ago Laurie started an environmental organization preserving woodlands and historic trees, she is still involved in this and shares my concerns. I feel Laurie would represent our area well, and fight hard to keep it a place that people, birds and animals can enjoy for many years to come.

Jennifer Zeiner

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