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State rep candidate

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in regards to Laurie Dobson. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Laurie in southern Maine while I was working with the Bernie Sanders campaign. I was the Boston field organizer, then worked as the regional field director in Hartford. Because of our hard work in Maine we were confident leading into the primary but it was essential for us to get out the vote for Bernie in York County to ensure victory. Laurie Dobson was extremely effective in recruiting, organizing and activating volunteers throughout this region and launched hundreds of canvassers who knocked thousands of doors in these neighborhoods.

Laurie was also very active in helping organize and manage volunteer activities at the Bernie Sanders Maine headquarters and during the Bernie rally held in Portland. Laurie held trainings to inform voters and volunteers about the Maine Caucus procedures and laws which not only helped Sen. Sanders during the primary but helped to spread voter knowledge and voter turnout in future elections.

Not only has Laurie worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign, but she has contributed to numerous other candidates. Laurie served as John Kerry’s southern Vermont volunteer coordinator, which helped John Kerry to win in New Hampshire. She also ran a White House rally in 2009 where four esteemed antiwar presidential candidates stood in support with her on the platform. More information about this can be found at enduswars.org.

Mrs. Dobson’s participation and experience on numerous campaigns is undoubtedly the reason why she is so often encouraged by her peers to run for office herself. Laurie is a great community organizer and a strong advocate for many issues including sustainable land use, natural resource protection and management, economic reform, and especially social justice issues.

If the citizens of Augusta want a candidate who will take action to and make decisions with their best interest in mind, then Laurie Dobson is the best choice for District 9 representative.

Matthew Amato
Revere, Massachusetts

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