2016-06-10 / Letters

State rep candidate

To the editor:

I’ve known Laurie Dobson for her willingness to take on challenging issues. She has consistently been in the forefront of progressive approaches to difficult political situations. She has the tenacity and stamina to keep going, to take the people’s fight forward, and to maintain her focus.

One of Laurie’s priorities that I find critical is her commitment to banking reform. Since running for state rep in 2002, she has called for the return of Glass-Steagall, which would relieve American taxpayers from again bailing out the big Wall Street banks for their continued risky investment gambles. I have worked very hard on this, too, and been subtly threatened for it. They present a powerful protective front for themselves, but risk compromising the security of our financial system and local economies. In 2007, running for U.S. Senate as an Independent, Laurie Dobson warned about the impending financial collapse and spoke on behalf of people that were vulnerable and threatened by it. It was a tough, unwelcome message, but proved prescient.

Laurie has earned recognition as an award-winning community organizer, pulling people together and focusing their vision. She is a hard-driving, vital, far-sighted thinker and advocate for addressing urgent issues and necessary change. Her most distinctive trait is probably her willingness to stand up to the powerful forces that can compromise reasoned policy-making, and that is the reason I think she would make a particularly valuable contribution to the Maine Legislature.

Andrea Boland

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