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Mousam River dams

To the editor:

The investment in the equipment at the three dams of Kennebunk Light and Power District, represents capital value of the district paid for by the ratepayers since the late seventies, your utility district equipment making electric power for your community. Do the trustees know this value? Since technically this value is constantly changing through time it is almost impossible except by fixing a point in the future to have time to gather all the necessary facts for a snapshot figure at that future date.

I imagine that will be soon, reflecting on the content of the KLPD president`s remarks on May 11. Up to this time much effort seems to have been spent estimating production based on historic data, (KWH). This effort has brought to light many erroneous scenarios which are being corrected and are now leading to a more optimistic evaluation of the real possible production figures. We all know that it rains, but how much and when in the future in Maine is anyone’s guess. The point becomes, how well is this machinery working, what is its value if the equipment is tuned up for that future date? What capital value and production value would be saved for that day of analysis? The (the Mousam river flow) gauging station in West Kennebunk has the data, it’s on the web. Who are those people and firms best capable of providing accurate analysis of value and estimating financial assets for a decision?

I feel the manufacturers of that equipment, the world-wide companies, The James Leffel and Co. and Voith Hydro are the two. Both companies have been contacted and they have the original drawings, they can send the experts to do the analysis, both have sent their quotes. As one of the trustees said at the May 11, hydro meeting, (2016) (video on the web), He is interested in seeing all the details. Due diligence is certainly required and is expected for such an important decision.

The companies, named above, design, test, sell and install these specialized turbines and are the ones that can give the necessary information that the trustees can trust. They both use accurate software combined with gauging station data to optimize their designs and installations.

Please contact your power company requesting that an analysis, by these two companies, will give everyone all the details needed.

Peter Ashley
Cape Neddick

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