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Two vie for power district trustee spot

Of all races on the ballot in Kennebunk this coming Tuesday, June 14, perhaps the most important – at least in terms of far-reaching impact – is the campaign for one five-year seat on the Kennebunk Light and Power District Board of Trustees. Next year, trustees are due to decide whether to seek federal relicensing of the three dams KLP owns and operates on the Mousam River. That’s a decision that will cost million of dollars whichever way it falls, while potentially changing the riverscape for all time if the dams are taken down.

Vying for the position are incumbent Michael Jordan and challenger Daniel Bartilucci. Jordan did not provide a photo.

Name: Daniel Bartilucci

Age: [not provided]

Address: [not provided]

Phone: (516) 941-8600

Occupation: Retired cameraman/producer for CBS (40 years)

Family: Married (one adult child)

Education: Business degree from Villanova University.

Organizations and activities: [none listed].

Top Three Issues: (in order of priority) 1. Work toward keeping the dams and their affordable hydropower operating at maximum efficiency as part of a multifaceted sustainable energy plan.

2. Explore all avenues of energy, including solar power, as options for KLP’s energy needs.

3. Assuming the dams remain and we acquire solar power, I would like to study the possibility of developing and implementing infrastructure that in the event of an emergency will allow the generated electricity to flow to a specific building. Truly this will aid the town and residents during a time of need

Why are you seeking elected office?

“I am eager to represent the interests of all of Kennebunk and help all ratepayers of our consumer-owned KLP achieve the most reliable service at the lowest cost. I will carefully review all expenditures in a timely manner.

“I want the dams to remain standing. I believe that one way or the other, it will still cost the ratepayers extra money since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requires an expensive relicensing process. However, if the dams are removed, KLP will lose all profit generated through KWH production forever. This loss becomes an expense that will drive up the cost of dam removal far higher than if they remain standing.

“My calculation shows that if an average ratepayer uses 750 KWH/month, it will simply cost them the value of half a can of coffee ($1.79) extra per year to keep all three dams. However, dam removal will cost the same ratepayer the approximate value of five cans of coffee ($18.26) extra per year.

“Finally, my dream is to eventually combine the green energy of solar and hydropower with the technological advances that the future will bring. This will add up to a win-win situation. This consolidation will cast prominence to our community as an environmentally friendly place, and help facilitate tourism by making the Mousam River in Kennebunk a river showplace for the environment and for family enjoyment.”

Name: Michael “Mike” L. Jordan

Age: 55

Address: [not provided]

Phone: 967-6164

Occupation: [not provided]

Family: Married (three adult children)

Education: Business degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Organizations and activities: Kennebunk Fish & Game Club; Arundel Paddle Club.

Top Three Issues: (in order of priority)

1. Determine future of the three dams in the town of Kennebunk.

2. Determine whether KLP should be in the power generation business.

3. Finish succession planning for KLP.

Why are you seeking elected office?

“We at KLP have some major decisions to make over the next 12 months. As a trustee for the past nine years, I believe I have the skill set to help the board make these decisions in the best interest of our 6,500 ratepayers.”

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