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Voices of Lower Village people finally heard

To the editor:

The voices of the people of Lower Village were finally heard at the Kennebunk Board of Selectmen meeting on May 24. By a vote of 4-3, the motion to submit a legal petition to Superior Court that would have allowed more illegal parking at 2 and 4 Doanes Wharf Road in the Coastal Residential and Shoreland Protected Zone was defeated. The selectmen who voted to defeat the motion were Shiloh Schulte, Richard Morin, Ed Karytko and Deborah Beal.

The town management team had joined with BR2, LLC (Forsely et al.) to petition Superior Court to allow additional parking for the summer on the same coastal residential land where such parking had been denied by the Kennebunk Zoning Board of Appeals on Nov. 30, 2015. The town’s petition also stated that “the parties are looking forward to putting a contract zone proposal before the voters in November.”

While pleased at the defeat of the interim relief petition, a lingering question remains for most residents, and apparently, some selectmen: Why do taxpaying residents have to hire their own lawyer to defend the town’s code for the coastal residential zone while the town management team uses taxpayers’ monies to join with a non-compliant business to petition to further violate the zoning codes?

That amounts to double taxation. The abutters and neighbors have formed the Concerned Citizens of Kennebunk Lower Village, Inc., and established a legal defense fund to protect the coastal residential zone.

Had the town’s legal petition and its accompanying documentation been sent to Superior Court, the judge might have been perplexed to read in the town engineer’s memo that: “it is possible that the property owner could utilize the property in a manner consistent with the ZBA decision and have additional parking on the property in accordance with the uses, without expansion.”

After that explanation, the judge might have ruled: “Things have come to a pretty pass … Let’s call the whole thing off” – a judgment that would be music to the ears of the people of Lower Village.

Robert F. Lyons
Lower Village Kennebunk

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