2016-05-20 / Letters

Benefits of restoring river seem clear

To the editor:

Restoring the Mousam River to its nearly natural state, before the dams were built, is a laudable goal. The water will flow as it always has toward the sea; nothing can stop that. Fish species, in time, will repopulate the river, and wild grasses and sedges will grow along the banks.

In order to satisfy the concerns of those who live along the river’s edge, the town of Kennebunk should be prepared to ameliorate any hardships encountered by these citizens, in the form of easements and the construction of green areas and parkland, if necessary.

The very limited amount of hydroelectric power still employed, using aging equipment, should be replaced by new solar energy arrays, providing cleaner sources of energy.

The costs of keeping the dams in place, from all the published information available, is much more expensive than removing them.

The benefits of restoring the river seem clear, not only for our citizens, but for the environment.

Bevan Davies

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