2016-05-20 / Letters

A current feasibility study is needed

To the editor:

As an Arundel resident, I am repeatedly hearing or reading proclamations from RSU 21 supporters advertising the doom and gloom that will fall upon the town if withdrawal is successful.

Instead of relying on misleading numbers from those looking to scare Arundel citizens into staying with the RSU, Arundel voters need and deserve accurate numbers and real data to truly determine what is best for the town.

That data will be available to Arundel citizens if voters approve to move forward with a yes vote on June 14 to conduct an impartial feasibility study and financial analysis. This comprehensive study will enable Arundel voters to determine what is best for them.

A current study is clearly needed so that we will be provided with real numbers that everyone can understand and digest and not false claims of steep tax increases.

Please vote on June 14 in favor of moving to approve doing an independent study so that we will have all the information regarding school withdrawal and what is needed to make the best decision for the town of Arundel, its citizens, and most importantly, its children.

Noel B. Holmes

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