2016-03-18 / Letters

It’s time to pay attention to river issue

To the editor:

It’s time to pay attention. If you are not aware of the pending Kennebunk Light and Power decision regarding the relicensing of its three dams, please stop and take a minute. KLPD has announced that March or May will be their decision month. If they decide to stop generating electricity and to remove the dams, the decision may be irreversible.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you the community group “Save the Mousam.” We are not “Free the Mousam” that wishes to remove all three dams. Save the Mousam is not a formal group; we are not a nonprofit or a lobby group. We are not paid to do anything, and when we have a financial need, we donate without any tax deduction. And we are clearly not all rich or river abutters. We are your neighbors, coworkers, business leaders, your friends; we meet you in Hannaford, at the transfer station, our kids go to school with your kids. We are Kennebunk residents and KLPD ratepayers.

KLPD has been working on this decision since 2011; the Mousam Kennebunk Rivers Alliance at least since 2009. Somehow we were not aware of the discussion until March 2015 when Wright-Pierce presented its photo simulations of what the Mousam would look like if the dams were removed. That was our wakeup call.

For a year now, we have come together for one goal: to keep and enhance the eco-system that has developed over the past 200 years. We wish to keep the dams; to keep generating hydropower, a renewable, green energy source that can help make Kennebunk sustainable. We wish to invest in this asset that we consumers own and have financed for decades. We want to join those who are seeking to pursue hydropower as part of our nation’s efforts to achieve a clean environment.

Beside that common goal, we are diverse in opinions, backgrounds and life experience. We come together to be educated, to offer our expertise, and to get the word out that decisions are being made that will affect every resident of Kennebunk.

Please do not sleep through this decision. Please contact us if you would like more information. Our email is savethemousam@gmail.com. f you agree that consumer-owned KLPD should keep the dams and continue to produce power that benefits our town, please let them know and sign our petition at www.change.org/organizations/Mousam.

Otherwise, you may wake up wondering what happened. Then it will be too late.

Donna Teague

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