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Photo credit: Kevin A. Byron Photo credit: Kevin A. Byron The Landing School - Building maritime careers in Arundel

The Landing School in Arundel has always been a one-of a kind facility, offering hands-on classes in composite and wooden boat building, marine systems, and yacht design. But now it’s doing something else very few institutions have managed to do — it’s saving a little green, by going green. This past year, school president Richard Schuhmann conducted a study of the Landing School’s carbon footprint. The potential affect of school operations on the environment turned out to be considerable, given that almost 100 percent of the wood used in student-built wooden boats was sourced from foreign counties.

“As you can imagine, it’s quite an impact to transport all those raw materials here from all over the world,” he said, “and that translated into a sizable carbon footprint for every hull we built.”

So, Schuhmann guided the Landing School into a 180-degree turn and now almost all of its wood is purchased here in Maine. And whenever that’s not possible, it rarely comes from father away than one of the other New England states.

The result has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has the Landing School reduced its wooden boat building carbon footprint by 99 percent — Schuhmann is working on a technical paper explaining exactly how that was done, which he plans to release in the coming weeks — but by switching to Maine lumberyards, the school has cut the cost of its materials by nearly 60 percent.

Meanwhile, Schuhmann says the quality of the Maine wood now used is, in many cases, actually superior to the wood from its former go-to sources. For example, the school has substituted Maine grown black locust lumber in place of African sapele — which was itself a substitute for the mahogany Schuhmann worked with when he was a student at the Landing School back in 1986.

The change from what was considered traditional for the industry to raw materials found closer to home? Schuhmann says black locust wood is twice as dense as mahogany and more rot resistant.

“It’s a superior wood, really, and from right here in Maine,” Schuhmann said.

“We’re about engaging our local community anyway, and what better way to do that than by buying locally,” Schuhmann says. “And holy cow, by spending our money locally we’ve wound up lowering our own expenses in addition to lowering our carbon footprint while using superior building materials. It’s really one of those really rare win-win-win situations.

“Usually, when you try to do something socially conscious, it ends up costing more, so it’s really great to be rewarded like this,” Schuhmann said.

But attending the Landing School can be its own reward, as Schumann, who returned in 2014 to take over as president, having been propelled by his time at the school in 1986 to a doctorate in engineering and long careers teaching at Penn State and MIT

“I have never had a year as rich in learning as my year at the Landing School, and that’s exactly what brought me back.”

The Landing School enrolls about 80 students each year from all over the world, although it maintains special scholarships to help Mainers, and women, build career in the marine industry. The curriculum is rigorous, with expert boat builders guiding the way.

“The boats our students turn out are often better than what is commercially available,” Schuhmann says, noting that private buyers are often lined up to snatch away the student output.

The Landing School offers a one-year diploma program and a two-year associate’s degree in applied science. That experience can be the building block of a baccalaureate degree, or lead to any number of rewarding careers. Former students at the Landing School have successfully parleyed their time in Arundel into careers repairing wind turbines, designing medical devices, and even becoming an avowed world expert on spiral staircases.

But time spent at the Landing School also can lead along the most direct path, to jobs in the marine and boat building industries. And, as often as not, those jobs seem to come along with the diploma.

“There are remarkable opportunities in the marine industry,” Schuhmann said. At the job fair we hold each April, we get as many companies as we do graduates, and each one is here actively recruiting.

“So,” Schuhmann says, “not only can our graduates find work, the work actually comes here to find them.”

Dr. Lisa Slaughter comes home to resume local dental practice

Dr. Lisa Slaughter couldn’t have been happier to come back to Maine to practice dentistry.

When Kennebunk’s Dr. Thomas Benenti, who ran his practice out of 62 Portland Road, decided to retire after 40 years, Slaughter knew purchasing the practice and working with Dr. Benenti’s talented staff was the way to go. “ It is a wonderful practice with up to date technology. The staff are experienced and friendly and have cultivated a focus on oral health education and prevention of disease.”

“Dr. Slaughter is a talented dentist. . . and will continue to provide the best care possible.” said Dr. Benenti.

Dr. Slaughter grew up in Maine and received her undergraduate degree from St. Michael’s College in Vermont in 2002. She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2007. Before coming to Kennebunk, she practiced dentistry in New Hampshire for several years. She enjoys outdoor activities and has been pleasantly surprised at what the Kennebunk area has to offer and appreciates how important it is to residents to preserve land and the area’s natural beauty.

The practice offers a number

of services, including, cleanings, fillings, restoring implants, prosthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening, sealants, veneers, sports mouth guards, crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontics, endodontics and occlusal guards.

The Kennebunk practice is now accepting new patients and accepts most insurance plans. They also have introduced their own in-house discount plan for those patients without insurance. For more details on that plan, call the office and ask to speak to Kim. She will be more than happy to explain how it works.

Dr. Lisa and her staff, combined, have more than 50 years experience and offer a comfortable and pleasant experience for their clients. She makes it her priority to understand your goals and address all questions. She will also thoroughly explain the cause of any treatment you may need, how it can be fixed and how to prevent it from happening again. She is experienced with patients of all ages and understands that anxiety about dental treatment is very prevalent and makes every effort to make patients feel comfortable and at ease in the office.

To learn more, visit kennebunkdentist.com or call 985-3444.

Helping Seniors is what we Love – that’s what Senior Planning Center is all about.

The Center, headquartered in Farmington, Maine with Agents throughout Maine and New Hampshire is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to insurance and financial planning for seniors. Its recent partnership with Kathy Kotakis of Secure Healthcare Planning out of Ogunquit now allows seniors in southern Maine and New Hampshire to benefit from a number of services, making Senior Planning Center the State’s #1 Senior Resource.

“We help individuals find state and federally funded programs to reduce expenditures as it applies to Medicare and prescription drug coverage,” Kotakis said. “We also help with long-term care, insurance and retirement planning.” Kotakis not only works with individuals, but she often travels throughout Maine and New Hampshire offering workshops to groups entitled, “Medicare Made Clear,” or “Medicare 101.” Additionally, Kathy will be providing a Bonus workshop regarding “4 Ways to save Money on your Medicare expenses with the Medicare Buy In Program”. This program helps saves Seniors money on Medicare expenses. It’s important to note that NOTHING will be sold at the workshops that are often held at senior centers, assisted living facilities, libraries and housing authorities. “They’re strictly educational,” Kathy said. Kotakis said “the subject of Medicare is confusing to most folks.” “People have to be educated on understanding the components of Medicare before making a decision – we try to educate before we present solutions to people”, adding that the organization often works with low income seniors and does a great deal of their work at NO cost. A big need in 2016 is helping seniors drive down the cost of the premiums of their prescription drug coverage and finding plans that will help them in the long term. Kotakis said seniors often find this stage in their lives to be an emotional one, and the decisions they have to make about their health and money are often confusing. “All of a sudden, someone is transitioning from an employee group insurance plan or the Affordable Care Act and they’re facing the challenges of, ‘What do I do now? and ‘How do I avoid penalties?’” Kotakis said. “We really break it down for the average individual.” Staff at Senior Planning Center provide unbiased opinions to seniors in Maine and New Hampshire and they work on behalf of the client to find best balance of costs and services. It’s also important to note that Kathy and The Senior Planning Center work with clients of ALL ages. Kotakis, a southern Maine resident, has been in the senior planning business since 2008 and has an MBA in Leadership from Franklin Pierce.

For more information, call 207-332-6732 or email kkotakis@maine.rr.com www.seniorplanningcenter.com

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your home, we have an incredible selection of beautiful fine flooring options in stock at competitive everyday prices! When it comes to choosing new flooring for your home, we have an incredible selection of beautiful fine flooring options in stock at competitive everyday prices! Spang Builders treats your home like their own

From York to Yarmouth, Kennebunk port based Spang Builders has built beautiful company was founded in 1984 with the motto “quality craftsmanship for your

Manager Norm Laliberte has been with the company for 21 years and the foremen have over 80 years experience

What truly sets Spang Builders apart is the way its customers are involved from the early planning stages to the

“We strive to educate our customers so they are aware of what is happening

From L to R: Jay Lund, Jim Lang, Lisa Patey, Sven Johnson, Paul Delahunt From L to R: Jay Lund, Jim Lang, Lisa Patey, Sven Johnson, Paul Delahunt Education includes showing prospective clients current and or past projects, providing a project timeline customers to see the beautiful work website also provides lists of referrals to architects, interior designers, subcontractors and suppliers to help get

Spang Builders has gained a national reputation outside of its quality work in company has been featured in several demonstrates the trust customers can expect to have in his company and its Cumberland and York counties and been fortunate to build some beautiful

Many customers have commissioned Spang Builders to build more than one attention to detail and commitment to customer service help them to reign how small or Spang Builders will create the building plans for its clients or work with a customer’s architectural

After every completed window replacement project, Andersen surveys each customer on their overall experience. “It’s a company After every completed window replacement project, Andersen surveys each customer on their overall experience. “It’s a company “We put as much effort into building a screen porch as we do into building a

For more info about how Spang Builders can make your dream a reality,

Senior Center at Lower Village offers many activities for elderly

“Last year we celebrated out 25th anniversary and we are looking forward to the next 25,” said Carol Bousquet, marketing and volunteer coordinator.

Throughout the years the center has hosted a number of programs, including our very popular yoga classes, luncheons, Mah Jong, bridge and cribbage. Mandy Nelson teaches the yoga classes 3 times per week and participants are loyal and dedicated. We have so many success stories in that group. More than one individual has been able to give up their walker thanks to the class!

A-Best Window provided a very good product at a great price! The installation was on schedule and top quality. A-Best Window provided a very good product at a great price! The installation was on schedule and top quality. We have a wonderful relationship with some students from the University of New England who come to teach Seniors about iPads, laptops, iPhones, Smart phones, and other items that enhance communications with family and friends. Seniors are living longer, active longer and ready to embrace technology to stay connected with those who are often far away.

“We’ve grown with our members,” Bousquet said. “As their tastes change, we accommodate, or we make sure beloved programs stay in place.” Averypopularevent,startedin2015,isafitness class taught by Bridget Sheehan that employs the use of light weights and consists of cardio.

“I see members laughing and having a good time during those classes – they’re having so much fun,” Bousquet said, laughing. “I think that’s one of the fringe benefits of any of our groups – members make friends and do more together. The camaraderie extends beyond the doors of the center.”

Bousquet said generally, there are two types of senior members: those who are more active and those who enjoy more stationary activities, like knitting or book club.

Many of the center’s members live alone and being part of the center is way for them to have a more fulfilled life.

“It provides them with a sense of family – someone to talk to when they eat or knit or play cards,” Bousquet said. “We forget, I think, when we’re so busy with our lives, how hard it is to be alone.”

A new program in 2016 is a Grief Support Group, led by Carol MacLeod, one of our members. Carol is a board certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health. Carol is recently retired and has many years working in the field of mental health with groups, grieving individuals and older adults.

Our relationship with A- BEST Window spans over two decades. We have done four contracts with A- BEST in three different houses. From the first time at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, we have been totally pleased with the quality of the product and the attention to detail of the installers. Whether it has been a traditional 6 over 6 colonial look or a more contemporary design to match what we had, A- BEST has always provided a first- class experience.

Our relationship with A- BEST Window spans over two decades. We have done four contracts with A- BEST in three different houses. From the first time at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, we have been totally pleased with the quality of the product and the attention to detail of the installers. Whether it has been a traditional 6 over 6 colonial look or a more contemporary design to match what we had, A- BEST has always provided a first- class experience.

The center’s Friends in Service Helping (FISH) program is in-demand as well. The program pairs volunteers with seniors who need rides to medical appointments, free of charge and those who receive rides do not have to be center members.

“We’re getting more and more requests,” Bousquet said. “We’d like to be able to expand services to offer transportation to other places, not just medical appointments.”

Those who want to volunteer must be willing to maintain a clean driving record and a certain insurance level. For more information on becoming a FISH volunteer, call Bousquet at 967-8514.

Elder Elves is another popular volunteer opportunity. Gifts are collected, wrapped and delivered in festive bags to area senior citizens who are alone during the holidays.

Bousquet said members and volunteers are looking forward to the center’s annual road race on June 5 and the Coastal Kitchen Tour fundraiser to be held on Columbus Day weekend.

“It’s nice to shine a light on older citizens. Our state has a largely older population,” Bousquet said. “They have been giving their whole lives and they’re still giving.” In 2015 we introduced the “Models of Positive Living Awards” to highlight accomplished area citizens. Three awards were presented to 3 great citizens. In 2016 we will hold this contest again.

Membership starts at $35 and is open to people regardless of where they live. For more information, call 967-8514 or stop by the center, located at 175 Port Road in Kennebunk. You can also find information on the center’s new website at www.seniorcenterkennebunk.org

There’s always something that needs to be done when you’re a homeowner. Whether it’s installing new even deciding how to give your kitchen a new look with a redesign, there’s never enough time to complete it all.

That’s where Hazelwood Handyman comes in.

For nearly 20 years, owner Tim Spang has helped homeowners in southern Maine to “provide health care” for their homes. Spang has more than 30 years experience in home improvement and construction projects. He brings with him a large, equally experienced and insured staff that can help with anything from putting up shelves and sheetrock to kitchen and bath remodels & additions. Hazelwood Handyman also specializes in basic plumbing and electrical work, painting, and drywall repairs. The company’s handymen will even replace light bulbs, move boxes, hang white boards and pictures. All of this is backed up by 24-hour emergency service.

Like the endless to-do list that homeowners are familiar with, so is the knowledge that preventative maintenance does wonders for the condition of your home.

Developed in response to requests from homeowners, Spang and his staff offer Hazelwood Housechecks – a unique, customized property management service for primary and/or secondary residences.

Housechecks include, but

are not limited to, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly home inspections, storm preparation and post storm checks, winterizing and spring re-opening

of your home and systems monitoring, which includes keeping an eye on security, temperature, fuel and water levels. Communication is a

critical piece of Hazelwood Housechecks. Hazelwood sends weekly emails detailing the housechecks, any issues that are found and timely followup correspondence about concerns and needed repairs. Free estimates and advice are always given, and housechecks can be performed any time, including while you are on


“House checks are as varied and unique as our clients,” Spang said. “While some homeowners take advantage of a complete menu of services, others simply want their homes monitored for low heat and security. We are here to put your mind at ease.”

In addition to property management, Hazelwood Handyman is at your service for other amenities such as housecleaning, moving, trash removal, spring and fall maintenance, special requests and the list goes on.

In a world that is fast paced, why not enlist the help of experts?

For a complete list of services by Hazelwood Handyman, visit www.hazelwoodhandyman.com. To schedule an estimate, call 967-0003 in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport or 883-6003 to reach the company’s Scarborough welcome to email handyman@hazelwoodhandyman.com.

Maine’s Re-Insulation Pros

When founding Home Snuggers in 2011, Mark Walker knew many people could be skeptical about what his company was promising – a superior method to insulate homes saving energy costs and increasing comfort. Now, four years and hundreds of customers later, Walker said the results speak for themselves.

Home Snuggers is the only company in Maine licensed to offer RetroFoam™, a proven environmentally friendly foam imported from Scandinavia. That makes it easy to insulate and

Working from outside the house, the brick, and even if there is old insulation present.

“We know how to build new homes for energy they need to do is to replace their windows. But choice. It can be almost impossible to convince people otherwise; it’s been the conventional wisdom for so long,” Walker said.

“When you think about it, the greatest part of your building envelope in overall square feet is often not the windows, or even the roof — it’s the walls.”

Walker said, with closed cavities like walls technology, becomes the easiest.” And it does all that with no hassle.

According to Michael Brokordt, Home Snugger’s Marketing Manager, most homes can be “snugged” in a single day. And, since RetroFoam™ is ecofriendly, people do not need to vacate their home while Home Snuggers technicians work. In fact, technicians don’t wear gloves or other protection during the install, a rarity with foam insulation.

“Home Snuggers has proven the method can be much less a hassle than many imagine and can make an enormous improvement in just a day,” Walker said.

Brokordt said the homes Home Snuggers works on are done.

“The homes are tested pre and post so the customer is assured we have done a good job,” Brokordt said.

Jeffrey C., of Lisbon Falls, is one of the homeowners Home Snuggers has helped over the years.

“They answered all my questions and did a fantastic job, cutting no corners during installation. house was left in the same condition as when they arrived,” he wrote.

The results, he wrote, were noticeable. “Since the install I have noticed my furnace running less… my units also run less to cool my home. to various folks I know. My pay back should be in as little as three to four years.”

About a year ago, Home Snuggers began servicing commercial buildings after many customers inquired and urged the company to do so.

Results, Brokordt said, can be “life changing.” Homeowners always enjoy a quieter, more evenly heated, less drafty house, often with annual energy savings of 30 to 40 percent, in part because RetroFoam™ also keeps homes cooler in the summer, and helps to cut down on air conditioning electric bills.

Home Snuggers, based in Windham on Roosevelt Trail, serves much of the state. For more information, visit homesnuggers.com or call

A Whole New Look For Spring!

If there’s one thing you can expect at Sanford Flooring, it’s a personalized experience and customer service that’s second to none.

“You deal with one person from the time you come into the store to the completion of the job,” said Erin St. Jean, who, along with her husband, own Sanford Flooring.

May will mark 12 years since they have owned the business and tout installers who have more than 40 years experience. In addition, the company’s sales people have worked for Sanford Flooring since before the St. Jean’s purchased it.

“You get that feeling that the person you’re working with is in the know,” Erin said.

Sanford Flooring is very much a family business.

“We’re not all related,” Erin said with a laugh, “but we all act like we are.”

It’s also not uncommon for the St. Jean children – Emma, 6, and Austin 10 – to be in the store on Saturdays.

The store is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. However, if someone’s schedule prevents them from being able to conduct business during regular hours, staff are happy to come in on a Sunday or Monday, as long they don’t have family obligations.

The first thing a Sanford Flooring staff member does when a customer calls or stops in is to sit down talk about price points and what they’re looking for. The client is then usually sent home with a sample they can physically lay down to see if it looks like a right fit. If the client likes the look, Jason will go to their house to measure for a free estimate. Once the client gives the go ahead, the product is installed.

“There’s no job too big or too small,” Erin assures. “And we try to make everything as accommodating as possible. That’s how we differ from big box stores.”

In addition to homes, Sanford Flooring provides product and services for commercial businesses that have included restaurants and hotels.

“We’re happy to work with homeowners, contractors, interior designers – everyone,” Erin said.

Sanford Flooring also offers a “cash and carry” option for those who want to purchase the flooring and install it themselves.

The St. Jeans and staff at Sanford Flooring understand that any kind of work in a home or business can be overwhelming.

“People may come in several times to try out different products,” Erin said. “We try to make it as easy as possible.”

Sanford Flooring offers many brands of quality hardwood, carpet, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl and cork, and a showroom where visitors can get a good idea of what their looking for.

To learn more, visit www.sanfordflooring.com or call 324-3643. Visitors can stop by Sanford Flooring at 1209 Main St. in Sanford, very close to Maine Turnpike Exit 19.

NASSON Health Care

For the last decade, Nasson Health Care, located at 15 Oak St. in Springvale, has taken a team approach to providing comprehensive health care for children and adults throughout York County.

“Nasson Health Care is a community health center. There is a national model of how health centers operate that we follow,” said Martin Sabol, Nasson Health Care’s director of health services. “We offer medical, behavioral health and dental services in an integrated fashion. We have finely skilled staff members who work collaboratively.”

“Each discipline”, Sabol said, “uses the same information system, so doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians and dental professionals have a complete list of a patient’s medications, allergies and immunizations.”

“We have access to all the information about a patient that we need to know. It is all centralized,” said Mary Jeralds, Nasson Health Care’s clinical nurse manager. “This helps staff help patients with preventative care and management of chronic conditions.”

The collaborative relationship between health care professionals makes for a much more convenient option for patients who may need to have medical, dental or behavioral services performed. It is not, however, required that patients get all their medical needs met through Nasson Health Care.

“Once they are comfortable coming to one place, it becomes a home to them,” said Robert Grace, Nasson Health Care’s dental director.

Nasson Health Care, which serves patients from throughout York County, is one of the few medical providers that is accepting new patients. The center has been located at its current facility for the last three years and operates satellite locations in Alfred, the student health center at Noble High School in North Berwick and at Maine Behavioral Healthcare facilities in Springvale and Biddeford, where Nasson is beginning to offer more primary care services.

“We understand there’s a great need for our services in Biddeford and we’re interested in doing more for that community,” Sabol said. Nasson Health Care has opened a state of the art dental office on the upper level of its building after running out of space on the main floor, where the medical and behavioral offices are located.

“We were growing fast and we recognized the need for more space. To have more clinicians to serve more patients, we needed more space and more treatment rooms,” Grace said.

The health center continues to grow, especially in regards to dental services.

Two thirds of Nasson’s patients live in the Sanford, Alfred and Lebanon areas, so to accommodate their needs, the organization conducts regular needs assessments to see where needs are going unmet. Of particular concern are those with low incomes or who have difficulty keeping up with medical bills.

“We see people regardless of their ability to pay. We take insurances, but we also have a sliding fee discount scale for those who need it,” Sabol said. “Staff is also committed to helping patients stay healthy between medical visits.”

“People’s well-being, longevity and quality of life is drawn from a number of determinants. Only a small part of that is medical services,” he said. Such factors include safe housing, transportation, diet, physical activity and steering clear of tobacco and heavy alcohol use. To that end, Nasson Health Care works with patients on self-care planning to figure out how best to prevent problems and manage them when they occur.

For more information, visit nassonhealthcare.org or call 490-6900.

Bergen & Parkinson, LLC, already York County’s exciting way.

In addition to its

Renewal by Andersen of Maine received the highest customer satisfaction, “Green Diamond Service Award”, in 2015. In addition, out of 102 Renewal by Andersen companies across North America, the local Southern Maine office was also awarded the Best of the Best for their overall Operational Excellence in 2015. The awards were presented by Jay Lund, Chairman, CEO and President of Andersen Corporation, at the Renewal by Andersen Corporate Summit in Orlando, Florida. “We accepted these awards on behalf of our entire team.” Said Jim Lang, President of Renewal by Andersen of Maine. “We wouldn’t be able to reach this status without the experience of our people and superior craftsmanship of our installations.” Renewal by Andersen is the replacement window division of Andersen Corporation. The focus is on the start-to-finish process of replacing windows for homeowners in Southern Maine with a custom-fit, replacement composite window made out of Fibrex®.

culture where we believe that every home matters.” Said Lang. “Treating customers’ homes like our own is a commonplace attitude we instill into our employees. Receiving the awards show how we take our customer experience from commonplace at the initial phone call, the in-home appointment and through the installation process, to a whole new level of raving satisfaction. Plus, installing a product like Renewal which is manufactured to withstand our harsh coastal climate, makes achieving these service awards even easier.”

Renewal by Andersen’s patented Fibrex® material is made out of recycled wood fibers and polymers to create a window that is two times stronger than vinyl and has the versatility to come in multiple color combinations including dual color or wood interior options all without the maintenance hassles. This product material combined with Andersen’s High Performance Low-E4™ glass packages, not only meet and exceed the new Energy Star® qualifications for New England, but also help owners of historical homes preserve the architectural style while saving money on their heating and cooling bills.

“They’re looking for efficiency, but they don’t want

to lose the local charm and feel.” Lang said. “We offer the best of both worlds.”

Further, Renewal by Andersen offers a complete service beyond just selection and customization. “Each of our installers have been trained in the Certified Master Installer program.” Said Operations Manager, Lisa Patey. “Instead of being the ‘Jack of all trades’, we are elite installation specialists of windows and doors. It is our skilled craft.”

For those interested in receiving a free, in-home window consultation and price quote through the end of March, customers can get a special deal: Buy 4 windows or patio doors and get the 5th FREE.

Renewal by Andersen also offers various methods of financing available for those who are eligible. For more information about a free window consultation and complete offer details, visit www.renewalofmaine.com or call 985-8465.


It’s all about personalized customer service and top notch products at A-B.E.S.T. Window in South Portland.

A-B.E.S.T. is the local, family owned replacement window company that manufactures, sells and installs its own windows. By choosing A-B.E.S.T. Window, you’re choosing a well established and proven company that has a demonstrated record of quality since 1985.

A-B.E.S.T manufactures their own windows, which means local jobs. A-B.E.S.T. sells their own windows, which means local jobs. A-B.E.S.T. installs their own windows, which means local jobs. You can’t get more buying local than A-B.E.S.T Window.

Our showroom, located at 1199 Broadway, is designed to showcase the multiple window options available to you. We welcome you to come in, test our samples and allow us to answer your questions. A-B.E.S.T. Window also offers free in-home estimates to make sure you fully understand the process and feel comfortable with our team.

A-B.E.S.T. Window uses the highest quality materials, workmanship and customer service to produce a product that is affordable and professionally constructed.

In addition, A-B.E.S.T. has an impeccable track record of installing more than 200,000 windows since the company started in 1985. In fact, we celebrated that milestone in November when we installed the 200,000th window.

At A-B.E.S.T. Window, we install your windows as if we were installing them in our own home.

If you’re located in I-95 corridor between Kittery and Augusta, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Grady’s TV & Satellite…

A family business that goes above & beyond.

Clients constantly ask the owner of Grady’s Radio and Satellite TV in Biddeford, Grady Sexton, how his store can outlive the big box stores that sell some of the same items that he does. “ Stellar customer service, prices that are comparable to the big box stores, and going above and beyond to take care of our customers before, during, and yes after the sale”.

Grady’s has been in business for 40 years in the Biddeford/ Saco/OOB area now located at their building at 5 Alfred Street in Biddeford under the yellow awning.

The family run local business offers electronics for everyone including the highest quality High Definition televisions from name brands like Sony, Samsung, Sharp and LG . “We offer free delivery on all new television purchases, free removal of any old televisions, a basic set up of the new televisions, and we can offer you service on your television if something should ever need repair. See if the big box stores can offer you all that?”, says Grady.

Grady’s also offers all you need for Satellite TV with Dish Network and DirecTV systems that they can install and service as well. Tired of paying too much for cable TV? Call Grady’s and see the affordable options you can have with a new Satellite TV system today. “Movies, sports, NFL Sunday Ticket, we offer programming for any taste. We tell our customers to compare programming and decide what’s best for them.”

Grady’s can even service non cable and non satellite customers. “We offer quality TV antennas here as well”, says Grady’s. These antennas can receive up to 26 channels depending on your location. Call us for details.

Grady’s offers sales and installation on Residential and Commercial Surveillance Systems. Want peace of mind that your business or home are safe 24/7, have Grady’s install a state of the art surveillance system for you today. “ We’ve even got systems you can view the cameras from your smart phones”, “Also all of our surveillance systems are now in high definition as well”, says Grady.

Grady’s son, Bill Sexton, has been working with his family for almost 30 years. He personally sees to each television delivery, each satellite install, expert installation of residential and commercial surveillance systems. If there’s an issue, any questions, or just some needed information on a purchase Grady or Bill will be the one you call. “We have an 800# for our customers convenience 1-888-918-3474. If you have questions or concerns the same person who sold you your TV or Satellite System or installed your TV or satellite system is who will answer the phone or come back when you call. That’s why we like being local and family owned as we can do the sales and service on all the products we sell”, says Grady.

Grady’s also still offers his long time customers sales and service on CB radios and police scanners. They have models for sale in the store so stop in today.

To see why Grady’s has been in business for 40 years and how they compete with the big box stores just call them today. If you’re in the market for an flat screen HDTV, need a satellite system installed, have a local business considering a surveillance system or multiple TV installations call Grady’s first. “ If you don’t give us a shot at your business you may pay too much and be left alone when it comes time for service after your purchase”.

Call the local experts at Grady’s Satellite & TV today. 284-8505, visit us on Facebook for our famous Facebook only deals, or stop by to see us at 5 Alfred Street in downtown Biddeford.

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