2016-02-19 / Letters

Stories are ‘assault’ on common sense

To the editor:

There are so many stories from advocates obsessed with removing dams throughout Maine and New England from national organizations, state and federal agencies, and environmentalists that it is a mind numbing assault on common sense. I saw this in action while city planner in Westbrook during the relicensing of Scott paper company’s dams along the Presumpscot River in the 1990s. Their tales about river restoration, water quality and fisheries are engaging but misleading to gain sympathy for their agenda.

Kennebunk has supported Kennebunk Light and Power with tax dollars for many, many, many years. The amount and importance of the hydroelectric supply is now being misstated and downplayed as being obsolete. The power of falling water that ran the grindstones of gristmills, sawmills of lumber yards and the earliest and most reliable of all power for electricity generation is still the cleanest and most economic source of all energy. The cultural value of this heritage is as revered as the wonder of the waterfall to all those who stop and gaze upon its beauty.

There are other people who love this town and the environment, who are organizing, and want these dams to stay as part of our community and are not at all like these crusaders who believe that only a “few people can have mill ponds behind their homes” at the expense of others. How insulting.

James L. Fisk

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