2016-02-19 / Community

Lifeline - Integrating Risk Management and Workplace Wellness

An ideal workplace strives to ensure that employees are both healthy and operating in safe and secure environments. In the workplace, unhealthy behaviors and chronic health conditions can increase both healthcare and workers’ compensation costs. The impact of unhealthy behaviors on these costs can be significant. For example, employers pay an average of $2,189 in workers’ compensation costs for smokers, versus $176 for non smokers.

There is a growing body of support for employers to combine occupational health and safety with wellness programs, as these blended models can address both chronic health conditions and support risk management initiatives to reduce injuries/cost under one umbrella. Look at your efforts to protect the well-being of your employees via an integrated approach.

Contact Tom Downing at the Lifeline Center for Workplace Wellness for more information on integrated models. Call (207) 272-8159 or tdwellness12@gmail.com. Also visit the Lifeline Center at www.lifelineworkplacewellness.org

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