2016-02-05 / Letters

Do not be fooled by misleading photos

To the editor:

Do not be misled. The “Free the Mousam” folks and the “Mousam and Kennebunk River Alliance” placed a full-page ad including several misleading photographs in the Kennebunk Post this week.

They included a kayak in both pictures, attempting to imply that even after the dams are removed, you will be able to kayak all the way from downtown Kennebunk near Duffy’s, up to Oak Bluff (beyond Kennebunk High School). I live on the Mousam, on Fletcher Street, in between these two pictures.

I can personally attest to the fact that you will be unable to do this. My backyard, and that of my neighbors, turned into nothing but a muddy ditch during the November draw down.

There is no way that any fish will swim upstream from one location to another. You yourself will not be able to swim or kayak up these waters if the dams are removed; unless, of course, you are willing to get out and trudge through the mud while carrying your kayak.

Yes, dam recommissioning is a more costly option, however, there are other options on the table.

The dams could remain in place without recommissioning for the purpose of electricity production.

This would save the town a good deal of money, while maintaining the current ecosystem for the many types of wildlife like the cormorants, hooded mergansers, mallards, otters, beavers and turtles who enjoy this gorgeous river as their habitat.

Please be informed.

Do not let these vocal special interest groups, made up of a large number of out-of-towners, dictate how the people of Kennebunk will use our majestic Mousam.

Jennifer Humphrey

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