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Celebrating the Mousam River in song

To the editor:

Like many concerned residents, property owners, and ratepayers, I do not support the removal of all three Mousam River dams. So, in the spirit of the waning holiday season, when we count our blessings and assess our goals for the new year, I invite you join me in celebrating our incomparable Mousam River in song.

As sung to the tune of “Let It Snow:”

That DAM Song

Oh the wea-ther can be just fright-ful,

But our Mou-sam’s still de-light-ful,
And ‘free’ is ne-ver free!
Let it be, Let it be, Leave it be.

Right now I teem with wild-life,
Light boat-ers live the good life,
As the draw-downs clearly showed,
They will go,They will go...Tell them NO!

(At the ‘bridge’; )

Rare ac-cess in the cen-ter of town,
Dis-appears if we tear the Kess-len down,
Fish lad-ders are a true eye-sore,
Vil-lage views ne-ver can be re-stored!

Down ri-ver folks’ pro-per-ties,
All at risk if the Mou-sam is ‘freed’.
Don’t sink lo-cal e-con-omies,
Let it be, Let it be, Leave it be!

I sincerely hope this tune becomes one of those DAM songs you just can’t get out of your head.

Sing out. Sing on. Save the Mousam.

Lois Chappell Copeland

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